Guide to selling your house

A lot of people in 2014 are looking to sell their houses in UK. While there are a lot of buyers too in the United Kingdom, most sellers fail in getting the right price. It takes time, effort and most importantly a level of smartness to sell your house. Presentation, price and promotion are three mantras that help sell a house at its deserved price. In this post, I have highlighted different aspects which will guide you to make the perfect sale you have ever wanted.

Firstly, think of yourself as a buyer who has come to see your house. He is just auditing and checking out. How would you take him from an auditing phase to the buying phase? Take a good look at the house and think like a buyer. Would you like to buy this house if you were a buyer? Would you like that clutter in the garden? Or the old fashioned windows? No. So the first thing to do is think like a buyer and make your house sellable. Clean that clutter, get a new paint, mow the lawn and make your house the best that it can be. Only then can you expect buyers to show some interest.

The second step to sell property is pricing your house reasonably. Ask around properly in the neighbourhood about the property prices and price your house at a decent price. Don’t overprice which might repel buyers away but don’t undervalue your house as well. Setting a tempting price for buyers and negotiating reasonably is the key to success here.

  • Selling house through agents or privately is the next questions. If you are confident enough to attract a lot of buyers and are good with negotiating, go for private selling. However, a lot of people need help to get buyers to them and someone to handle the paperwork for them. In this case you should definitely go for a private agent. They will take a commission but it is totally worth it as this will ensure selling of your house.
  • But before you choose an agent, make sure that you know all about them. Their previous work, reputation, clients and other important things need to be known beforehand.
  • Promoting your house is very important. Go for online and offline channels as well. . Tell your friends and relatives to spread the word that you are selling your house. Post your house details on websites which have a community of buyers and sellers. Make sure the description and pictures are great. Attracting more buyers through this technique helps a lot of sellers
  • Negotiations with the buyer need to be reasonable. If you can’t settle at a common price for the house, politely turn down the offer and get ready for some more selling effort.
  • In the end, make sure that all the paperwork, clauses and deal details are up to the mark before you sign anything.
  • Beware of scam buyers who are ready to pay in cash, don’t negotiate at all or just talk online wit you.


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