Selling a house without estate agent

sell house without estate agentSelling a house is no easy job. And when you want to sell your property quickly, that is another big headache. While hiring an estate agent may look like a great option, some of us might be interested in saving more by cutting on that agent’s commission. However, agents have a lot of contacts with buyers. If one buyer backs out of an existing deal, agents can find you another. It is hard when you are doing it on your own. This process is also called broken house chain. You could save up a lot if there was no agent at all but you also might lose out on a lot of buyers and don’t know what to do. And to sell successfully, you have to know exactly about selling a house without estate agent. There would be no commission to pay and you could get to have the entire amount to yourself. A lot of people have done it and you can do it too. Let’s find out how.

Start from the ground up

To make your house the one that everyone wants to buy. You will have to start from the ground up. Take a good look at the house and think like a buyer. Would you like to buy this house if you were a buyer? Would you like that clutter in the garden? Or the old fashioned windows? No. So the first thing to do is think like a buyer and make your house sellable. Clean that clutter, get a new paint, mow the lawn and make your house the best that it can be. Only then can you expect buyers to show some interest.

Choose a fair price

The offering price is the most tricky and important part. Choose a price that’s reasonable. Ask around in the local neighbourhood about the property prices and put up a reasonable price. Do not overprice it a lot as you won’t be able to negotiate with the buyer well. You might not be able to attract buyers at all if the price is too high. Don’t undervalue it also to lose out on the amount that you deserve to make.

If you are smart enough, you have already uploaded your house details on a site which gives such a facility for buyers and sellers. Make sure that the description is well detailed and the photos uploaded by you are amazing. Don’t modify them to change the entire look, but click the best pictures possible and upload them. This will attract more buyers for your house.


Promotion of anything is important for selling. Especially for selling houses, you need to use different channels for promotion. Tell your friends and relatives to spread the word that you are selling your house. Post your house details on websites which have a community of buyers and sellers. Make sure the description and pictures are great. Attracting more buyers through this technique helps a lot of sellers.

When you do have a buyer and he or she is interested in your property, negotiate reasonably. Understand the buyer’s conditions and if you can’t find a common price to negotiate, politely turn down the offer.

Use companies that buy houses. A lot of them are online now and won’t charge you anything. However, do a proper background check first to be sure of the legitimacy of the company.

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