Which are the Affordable Ways to Add Value to your Home?

Add value to the houseIf you wish to make a good sale of your home then you must add value to it for no prospective buyers would come to purchase it unless you drop your price considerably lower than the market price. This is perhaps true for those who are in debts and somehow wish to sell off their home at whatever price the market may fetch for it. It is seen that if the cost of value addition for an old home is completed by spending another 10% of the total cost of the house, then the sale price may increase by as much as 15 to 20% or even more. This is where most people in debt fail as they cannot think of ways to bring in some more money to create a good impression of their properties to a prospective customer. In fact, all they need to do is to add value to the house with some simple and affordable tactics.

Get better value for your house

If you look from the point of view of a buyer then it will be very easy to understand where all you need to add value and which aren’t all that important areas. Remember, just by pouring in a lot of money may not actually raise the value of your home, but sprinkling it over some strategic areas may create good value. For instance, the first thing a buyer looks is the front portion of you home and the front yard.

This is not very expensive as there are paints that you may purchase with discounts online so that at least the front of your home is neatly painted. If you are able to paint the whole place then it would be even better. Next, consider manicuring your front garden even if you have to engage a gardener.

If you want more ideas as to how to add value to the house then you may start making your old home a bit more airy if the existing rooms look claustrophobic. Try to smash down a few walls here or there so that the existing area looks spacious and more airy.

Clever subtractions and additions

If you move cleverly then you will notice that the first thing that a prospective buyer would do is to watch out for essential things like electrical switches, plumbing and bathroom while inside the home. Here, if you can add the latest designs and some great additions then you may get a better value for your home. Also avoid being gaudy as this will not fetch more money.

Always keep the bathroom updated and clean and so also the kitchen as both these may increase the value of the house. You may also keep a small room aside for use as office room in order to sell your house fast as most people nowadays love to do office work at home too. If all these do not get you the value you desire then you may sell your home with cash buyers online.

Three Types of Property Buyers

Cash house buyersThere are many property buyers currently on the market – getting their attention is a whole other story. In this article, we are going to tell you about the different types of buyers.

Property Buyers – This could be a company that is designed to buy your property when you want to sell. The point of these types of companies is to get your property sold and you paid as quickly as possible, especially if you are looking to relocate, or you are selling property for someone who is deceased. Having to relocate for a job, or maybe a family emergency can be stressful, but having someone to sell you property, then resale it inhibits the time it may take you to find a buyer on your own. Continue reading

How to deal with tax on capital gains?

Capital gain taxIn order to deal with capital gains tax, you should know the strategic ways. It is difficult to avoid the tax. There are number of small investors who end up paying very high tax in the name of capital gains. It can be avoided or reduced to great extent if you take right steps at right time. If the tax levied by the Government increases, the collection will decrease as tax payers would like to escape in all possible ways.

Tax reliefs

There are two reliefs if you declare a property as your main residence. These are ‘principal private residence relief’ and ‘private letting relief’. The capital gain tax can be avoided or reduced based on how long you have been living in the site. You should choose the most appropriate property as the main residence so that substantial savings are obtained. Continue reading

What is the best way to cut down inheritance tax?

avoid inheritance taxIf you are going to deal with inherited property, you should have accurate information so that you can save money and cut down the tax to the maximum potential extent. If you know the tips and tricks, you will sell the property at the right time and make changes to the inherited property at the most appropriate time. As long as the inherited property is below £200,000 there will not be much concern. You can learn about safe practices so that you can retain money. However, this should not be misunderstood as evasion of tax.

Selling as per the law

Instead of selling inherited property, you can offer to your spouse or a civil partner as a gift. The gift should be presented at least 7 years before your death so that it will not attract inheritance tax. If you stay in the same house after declaring the main house as gift, you should pay the rent as per the market rate. Thus, you will reap the benefit of inheritance tax. If you fail to pay the rent, the gift will be treated differently and it is understood that you do have monetary benefit without interruption. In order to live in the same property after gifting the same, you are required to pay rent as per the market conditions. Continue reading