Is it Possible to sell off your House for Instant Cash?

Sell house for cashYou may sell your house for cash if you have been able to come face to face with a genuine buyer. This is like searching for the proverbial pin in the haystack as during an economic downturn real estate prices fall sharply and you don’t get the price you want and all you do is meet estate agents upon agents and nothing else. These agents promise you the best deal which is isn’t to tell you the truth and then begins the endless negotiation for the right price until you agree to a very low rate. Naturally, these agents would establish their arguments in their favor by pointing out that the price are going to fall further and hence you have actually landed yourself a jackpot at the agreed price which is sadly way below the cost of your home. However, if you wish to sell house for cash then you get a better price and may even make handsome profit out of it.

Selling my own home

Like the rest of the home sellers I too tried to sell my house during the recent economic downturn. Naturally, I contacted number of agents as I needed money as I was being relocated by my company some thousand miles away. My transfer then was due within a few months time and I had very little time and was frantically searching for a good buyer to sell my home which was our home for the past five years.

To tell you the truth there were promises upon promises by people who call themselves agents and sub agents, but I couldn’t even get them to agree upon the actual cost of my home. I was getting exasperated and out of frustration scaled down a bit in my demand yet all in vain. It seemed my time and luck were running out and I was disheartened to note that the quotes for my house were way below than what I was presently aiming for.

Just about a couple of months later I got a tip from a gentleman who had sold his house for cash. He narrated his story and was in dire straits himself as he had filed for a divorce and wanted cash urgently. He told me how he came across an online site stating ‘sell my house for cash’ and got hooked on to it instantly.

Smart Deal

The gentlemen told me that these were not estate agents after he had made a few queries, but were cash house buyers. The whole system they worked was far different from that of the real estate agents. These sites were platforms or common niche site where sellers and buyers contact one another to close a deal to their mutual preferences and price.

Instantly, I too contacted one of these websites and was stunned to know that they do it free of cost without any charges or hidden costs. The buyers were quite wealthy enough and they were authentic and I could sell my house for a small profit too.

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