Which is the Best and Cheapest Way to Buy a House in UK?

Buying House in UKBefore you plan to purchase a house in UK think that it would be a long term commitment and not an easy short cut. So, try to plan in advance so that you don’t meet with any sort of failure later on. While doing your planning make sure that you work out a realistic estimate of the money that you may be willing to invest for this. This would mean that the money you are willing to put in may include sale of some other movable or immovable properties, bank deposits, insurance and stocks. Apart from these you may plan for a mortgage as then the sum total of the amount may be quite sufficient to enable you to purchase a home of your dreams. You may either do this on your own or engage a consultant as to how to buy a house.

Planning your finance

First of all you should be able to get a comprehensive idea about your expenses and income and the net savings. Many people think they know it yet the fact is most people have no idea and therefore do some hasty calculations and then end up in misery later. If you calculate your income and then subtract that with the insurance, credit card dues and other expenses then you will get some idea as to how much you may actually borrow for a new home.

Some online consultants offer online calculators that calculate on your behalf speedily the amount you may get from your borrowers. You will also need to note seriously the financial changes that you may have to face as your expenses would need to be curtailed to the bare minimum and your savings will have to cover not the usual deposit amounts, but the mortgage fees as well.

When you have arrived at the realistic amount then you will come to know as to the price range within which you may be able to pay for purchasing a new home in UK. Now the next step as to the ways and tips on how to buy a house would be to choose the right kind of mortgage.

Agreeing on a mortgage

You must agree on a reasonable mortgage first with a lender as this may be quite time consuming. You will get an idea as to the sum the lender may offer and the interest rate. You must have good credit ratings too in order to get the mortgage amount. The next thing you do is to find a home once the lender is ready with the mortgage.

You must also hire a solicitor and surveyor to look at the property which you wish to purchase to check out both legal hurdles and property issues. You also need to do a valuation survey to ascertain whether the property price is correctly stated and there are no repairs or hidden expenses after which you may purchase your new home. You may also seek advice on how to buy a house from a real estate consultant.

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