How to sell house with sitting tenant?

selling house with sitting tenantsTo sell house there are different ways. In some cases, you might want to deal with the sitting tenant itself. If you have decided to sell the house to the sitting tenant, it should be done in a very careful way. The procession of eviction of tenants will be a long-term process and it might involve huge expenditure as well. In some cases, you might have inherited a house with a sitting tenant and you would like to dispose of the house. You should be well aware of the respective guidelines so that there will be smooth transition and you can obtain the best deal in an efficient manner fully protecting your interests.

Procedure to sell with a sitting tenant

Selling a house with sitting tenants should be done after having complete knowledge about the deal. You should take legal help in this matter so that there will not be any future legal battles and financial loss. The letting agreement should have a clause so that you will have the right to show the house to potential buyer. If the right is not included in the agreement, you should get a vacant possession so that you will be able to sell a house.

The tenants should be given at least two months notice so that they will be able to evict the property without failing. Proceedings can be commenced if the tenants fail to vacate the house within two months. It might take at least one or more months to evict the tenants as court orders will be delayed. Before the exchange of contracts, the house should be kept in vacant condition.

Dealing with a house with a sitting tenant

Selling a house with tenants should be tackled in a very careful way. Even though you will be able to take possession of the property from the tenant occupation by all legal means, you should not lose time. You should be able to evict tenants at the earliest. If you inherit a property with sitting tenant who pay the rent but will not sign any kind of agreement, you should start negotiations with them to take the situation into your control. You should obtain favorable conditions so that the property can be sold without any issues.

If the sitting tenants are happy to pay the monthly rent and they would like to use the property, you should get into tenancy agreement with them. Thus, the rental income will be protected for you. If the situation cannot be handled by you, you should come in contact with the solicitor so that the property will be sold in an efficient manner. You can get tips to sell the property with tenants. You can give the tenant first option to buy the house before listing the property in the open market so that you will show the good will. You should try to maintain cordial relations with the tenant so that the sale can be accomplished smoothly. If there is any difficulty, you should get legal help.

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